December 20, 2012 - Deciding on a Table Centerpiece

     One of the most important decisions made in planning your celebration is what type of centerpiece will be used for your tables. Not only are they the focal point for the table, but also for the entire room. Your centerpiece brings together a theme and complements your overall appearance. The size of your table should be the deciding factor on the size of your centerpiece. You want to make sure your centerpiece is not too large or it will interrupt with your guests trying to eat, drink and socialize. You also have to make sure it isn't so small you barely notice it on your table. This is your opportunity to leave an impression on your guests.

     For our topic today we are using a five-foot round table as the example. A small six-inch diameter flower arrangement with no height would be swallowed by a five-foot round table. You should plan for your design to take up at least 12 inches of space in the center of the table and not more than 16 inches. This will allow for your guest to comfortably have their plate and drink in front of them without interfering with the decorations.

     If you have a centerpiece you absolutely love, but it's small, there are ways to incorporate other items into your table decorations. For instance, votive candles, small picture frames, gathered fabric in the center of the table or gift favors.


     An excellent example of a small centerpiece would be a quinceañera we decorated with white lanterns. These lanterns were very important to the mother and daughter for the winter wonderland party. However, the problem was the fact that the centerpiece is only 6" in diameter and 12" high, and that measurement was only the wire stand. We didn't want the five foot table to swallow the decoration so a few small touches helped. We added organza fabric around the lantern, small white votives and the favors. This helped to extend the centerpiece and bring everything together. 

     The best way to make sure your centerpiece doesn't disappoint is to get a visual of your setting before your day comes. If you don't have the table available to decorate you could use a piece of yarn to mark a five foot circle, a rectangle, or whatever size your table may be. You will then decorate inside the area to make sure everything is proportionate.

     Have any questions? Send me an email and I will be happy to help you out.

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October 23, 2012 - Finding the Right Planner

A first post by Gift Delight focuses on trust. Let's talk about the importance of trusting your event planner. When you get married it is your moment to shine and the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your linen company showed up or if your caterer cooked your chicken piccata too long. The special day will be a blur to you, but it's the impact on your guests that will be most important, which is why you have to trust that your event planner will coordinate and execute everything to the finest detail.

When deciding on your event planner ask key questions, discuss their previous events, ask "what if" questions. Don't make your selection based on price or what your budget will allow, make your decision based on your connection you make with the planner. Trust is key, it will alleviate your stress and allow you to focus on the thing that matters most when planning for your day, YOU!

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